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Terms and Conditions of Service


1The Client (the person paying for the polygraph test) and the Examinee (the person taking the polygraph test) voluntarily, without threats, promises of immunity or reward and without duress, coercion, or force agree to take a polygraph examination (lie detector test).

2. Both Examinee and Client fully realise that the Examinee is not required to take the polygraph examination and that the examinee has the right to consult a solicitor or anyone else they wish to, before taking the polygraph examination or signing any forms.

3. Examinee and client hereby authorise the examiner conducting the polygraph examination, consent to the use of both electronic audio and video recording devices during the entire interview, pre-test phase, in-test phase and post-test phase for internal quality and monitoring purposes, and agree that these recordings, as well as the charts collected during the polygraph examination, shall remain the sole property of All records will be erased within 24 hours after test completion under the fifth principle of UK General Data Protection Regulation that requires you not to keep personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose you originally collected it for. As such this excludes the official polygraph report containing the results which will be kept for no more than one year after the completion of the examination.

4. Our examiners have the examinee's and client's permission and consent to ask me such questions during the pre-examination interview, throughout the examination, and during any possible post-examination interview as they deem necessary to verify the examinee’s past work record, criminal record, financial condition, military service, basic honesty and integrity, medical background and any other area that is pertinent to the polygraph examination.

5. The examinee voluntarily authorises the examiners to conduct a polygraph examination and hereby grants permission to the examiners to attach the blood pressure cuff, electrodermal activity sensors, pneumographs and any other sensors needed to conduct the polygraph examination test to or on examinee’s body.

6. The examinee hereby specifically waives any and all rights of privacy that the examinee has or may have with reference to the taking of the examination and the examiners' opinion arising therefrom. Examinee hereby authorises Liedetect,uk examiners to disclose both verbally and in writing the results/decisions to the client. Once the polygraph appointment is held and the results or suitability decisions during the pre-test interview are provided to the client (which can result in termination of the examination) no refund will be due regardless of the outcome of the results or suitability decisions. The polygraph examination test results may range from the following: No Deception Indicated / Deception Indicated / Inconclusive or Termination of the examination decision. The results given are final despite whether the examinee and/or client may not agree with part of or the entire polygraph examination test results.

7. Both the examinee and client are expected and required to behave and conduct themselves appropriately and professionally from the beginning of the examination until its end. Any type of threatening or aggressive behaviors, intimidation, shouting or yelling, criminal conduct of any kind, harassment, or any type of behaviors deemed inappropriate or unreasonable, unprofessional or unlawful, will be grounds for immediate termination of the examination and will be immediately turned over to Police Law Enforcement and will be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if necessary to do so. A criminal complaint and a civil lawsuit will be immediately filed against any individual who engages in making slanderous, defamation of character or false statements about any examiner and or any employee, whether verbally, in writing and/or online.

8. The examinee is expected and required to cooperate fully with the examiner during the entire polygraph examination process. Manipulations by the examinee during the actual testing process such as unusual physical body movements or any general lack of cooperation will lead to immediate termination of the testing process and no refund will be issued.

9. If the examinee is not consenting to the polygraph examination or discloses prior to/or during the appointment that is a victim of domestic violence or physical abuse, our company is obligated to cancel the polygraph appointment immediately. Both the examinee and the client agree that will fully cooperate with the police if requested to do so and no refund will be issued.

10. The examination process begins from the appointment start time in our office or the client’s private address and ends with the verbal indication of the polygraph examination test results on request by the examinee or the client only if our examiners are confident to do so without a full thorough software and manual chart analysis. The final results will be verified by three independent manual reviews from accredited polygraph examiners and sent via email in the form of a professional PDF report by 06:00 pm on the following day from the test completion.

11. Complaints Procedure.


11.1 Sent us an email to with an explanation of the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any available evidence to support your complaint.


11.2 We aim to deal with complaints promptly and sensitively. We will expect that you will be courteous and fair in your dealings with our staff at all times. 


11.3 We will not tolerate threatening, abusive or unreasonable behaviour by any complainant. Such situations are rare, however, should they happen, we will cease communication with the complainant immediately.


11.4 We will send an acknowledgment of your complaint by email within 24 hours. Your complaint will then be passed to our investigation team led by an accredited examiner who was not involved in the events which led to the complaint and who is in a position and has the relevant experience to consider the complaint. We will aim to respond within 5-7 working days from the initial email with a full review and final decision regarding the raised matter.

12. No additional phone consultations and or any other services are included in the examination fee following the examination process in our office or client’s private address, except in the event of a complaint (refer to section 11. for more details)

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