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False Allegations & Prove of Innocence Testing can clear your good name with a professional, confidential and personalized lie detector (polygraph) examination. Whether you are being wrongly accused or require verification and validation of your position, can issue you an official report detailing the results of your lie detector test (polygraph) examination which can be used at your discretion. All examinations are constructed around your specific requests and adhere to strict confidentiality ensuring complete privacy.

  • Clear Your Name

  • Statement Verifications

  • Disprove False Accusations and Prove Your Innocence

  • Official Presentation Reports Issued For Use at Your Discretion


Examination Highlights

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 90 min - 120 min


95% to 98%


up to 3 Relevant

These appointments generally take 1½ to 2 hours. Prior to the testing the person is evaluated to determine their suitability to be tested. A calibration test is administered to evaluate the person’s suitability as well as to fix examinee's physiological baseline at the time of the test through which the expected nervousness or anxiety of the examinee will not affect the results.

If the client/examinee intentionally attempts to distort the examination or deliberately uses a countermeasure that is identified by the Examiner, the session will be stopped and the client will forfeit their testing fees.

Once the test is completed, the Examiner will evaluate the examination and will provide the verbal results. The client will receive a comprehensive written report within 24 hours after test completion. There is no need to wait for a few days to receive the results and a report by mail or e-mail.

False Allegations


  • Did you ever physically abuse (SPECIFIC NAME)?

  • Did you ever engage in sexual communications with (SPECIFIC NAME)?

  • Did you take any of those missing items in question from (SPECIFIC LOCATION)?

  • Did you use any foul language while talking to (SPECIFIC NAME)?

  • Did you log into (SPECIFIC NAME’S) Facebook or Email account without authorisation?

  • Did you ever enter (SPECIFIC LOCATION) without authorisation from (SPECIFIC NAME)?

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