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Pre-employment Screening, Employee Theft & Corporate Loss Prevention Testing

As with most unpleasant and damaging situations in life, prevention is better than cure. Employee screening with polygraph testing is one of the methods smart companies and recruiters use. This is particularly true when employees are likely to be handling cash or sensitive information. From security to childcare industries, polygraph examinations are one way to ensure the quality of all employees. The integrity of prospective candidates is tested to make sure they have no hidden secrets. can provide you and your business with the truth and facts regarding incidents of employee theft. utilises state-of-the-art computerised polygraph systems to conduct customised employee examinations for incidents ranging from monetary and inventory theft to industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property.

All examinations are constructed around your specific requests and adhere to strict confidentiality ensuring complete privacy. Complete written reports detailing the results of the employee interview and polygraph examination are available within 1 to 3 business days. All examiners are highly qualified polygraph examiners and are trained in advanced interview and interrogation techniques.

As commercial crime continues to rise, syndicates target vulnerable businesses and applicants manipulate CVs and references – which is why increasing numbers of employers are using polygraph testing to screen job applicants.

To learn more about loss prevention strategies the highly trained polygraph examiners at will be happy to share their knowledge with you. Contact us today for a confidential, no obligation quote.

Single Lie Detector Test (Polygraph) appointment generally take 1½ to 2 hours. Prior to the testing the person is evaluated to determine their suitability to be tested. A calibration test is administered to evaluate the person’s suitability as well as to fix examinee's physiological baseline at the time of the test through which the expected nervousness or anxiety of the examinee will not affect the results.

If the examinee intentionally attempts to distort the examination or deliberately uses a countermeasure that is identified by the Examiner, the session will be stopped immediately.

Employmet Screening


  • Have you used any type of illegal drug since (SPECIFIC DATE)?

  • Have you ever stolen anything from any place you have worked at?

  • Have you ever committed a serious undetected crime?

  • Have you ever sold or transferred any type of illegal drug?

  • Have you ever engaged in domestic violence?

  • Have you ever been a member of a street gang or terrorist organization?

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